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Activities & Tours in Breckenridge

If you were under the impression all the fun activities in Breckenridge happened on snow, there's a treat waiting for you this summer. Because this is one Colorado destination that delivers season after season! Head out for every summer sporting activity that you can think of... Test your balancing skills on a stand-up paddleboard; improve your golf game out on the links; let your kids learn tennis. If it's gloomy out, everyone can dive into an indoor pool or build their confidence on a climbing wall. There are plenty of activities to keep your muscles moving, but also plenty of fun day trips and tours if you want to unwind. And not all the fun is kid-centric. Colorado's distilleries are globally respected, so if you have a taste for signature spirits, you'll want to plan some time for a visit. There is so much to do in this classic Colorado town, and these discounts will help you enjoy being there even more.
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Breckenridge Recreation Center

The Breckenridge Recreation Center offers a wide variety of facilities, programs, activities and events for all ages. It's affordable, fun, and promotes health and wellbeing. Have a great day while you escape the heat at this Rocky Mountain rec center that offers something for everyone. Get a great deal on your day at Breckenridge Recreation Center with this coupon.

Breckenridge Distillery

Breckenridge Distillery ranks as the highest altitude distillery in the United States, adding to the novelty of sipping their signature liquors made from Rocky Mountain snowmelt. Come take a tour and taste the refined offerings at this award-winning Colorado distillery. Compliment your spirits tasting with the bold flavors offered in the distillery's full restaurant. Click through to learn more.