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Breckenridge is as infamous as any other mountain town mainly due to the ski and snowboarding enthusiasts who visit each year, but during the summer months, this area turns into an active person’s dream vacation. Located just two and a half hours from Denver International Airport, loads of Denver-ites use this area as their weekend playground.

Huge Supporter of the Arts

The town of Breck has become well known as a supporter of the arts. Whether you’re into painting, drawing, sculpting, films, writing, etc., the Arts District is where you need to head. They have a welcoming campus open to the public and encourage you to watch the artists at work. Or you could even take a class during your visit. As you walk around town, you’ll also see many galleries that show local artists’ work, and encourage you to support buying locally. You should also look into visiting one of the local museums or tour a Victorian home from the founders of the area, including escaped slave and prominent business owner Barney Ford.

During the summer months, seeing live music in the mountains is a fun and exciting way to see the towns, walk the streets, and mingle with the people. All summer long, the Riverwalk Center is buzzing with classical and non-classical music and performed by the National Repertory Orchestra and the Breckenridge Music Institute Orchestra. We highly recommend catching a show. You can also get tickets for the Breckenridge Music Festival takes place all year and brings you different styles of music at an affordable rate. See schedule for details.

Things to Do

Truly, do you want us to list all the things you could do in Breck? We couldn’t possibly. The activities of the area are endless and it doesn’t matter if you want to head to the mountains just to be there, we would recommend doing that as well! Here you can bike, hike, whitewater raft, rock climb, fish, golf, eat, drink, be merry, sky dive, hot air balloon ride, parasail, etc., etc., etc. Just go!

Getting Here

Take it from us, the two and a half hour drive is totally worth it. Head up I-70 and just enjoy yourself and your family’s faces as they see the Rockies for the first time.

Summer Vacation Deals

Head to the categories listed and get some wicked deals and discounts for lodging, activities, tours, and more.

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