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Whitewater Rafting Deals Near Aspen Snowmass

One of the most popular things to do in the Aspen - Snowmass area during a great summer vacation is whitewater rafting. The rivers of the state of Colorado are some of the most beautiful rivers in the country with excellent mountain vistas and gorgeous forests as you navigate the river at whatever pace you like. Get the most out of your trip this summer with these discounted prices and savings on reliable guided tours that are rated among the best in the country.
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Dvorak Rafting Expeditions

Established in 1969, Dvorak's Expeditions has been providing guests with exciting world-class rafting, kayaking and fly-fishing trips across eight stunning rivers in Colorado, Idaho, Utah, and Texas. Their professional, highly-trained staff guide you to ensure that you'll enjoy every turn. Grab some of the greatest deals around, like this one.

Blue Sky Adventures

Get excited for a thrilling whitewater rafting experience with Blue Sky Adventures! For more than 40 years, their guides have been navigating guests along three fantastic rivers in Colorado. You're going to love every minute of your adventure, and will have plenty of opportunities to interact with nature along the way. Kick of the summer right with a trustworthy and passionate rafting company with a reputation for exceeding the expectations of their customers. Learn more about the land, challenge yourself to a thrilling water experience and bring your "A-game" with you. Take advantage of this deal before you book and be rewarded with a deeper discount at the same time!


Is there whitewater rafting in Aspen?
There’s awesome whitewater rafting choices in and around Aspen. The Roaring Fork River has excellent sections that are calmer for families and more intense for those seeking an adrenaline rush. The mighty Colorado River is not far from Aspen, and the Arkansas River rounds out a trio of thrilling rivers that do not disappoint.
What rivers have whitewater rafting near Aspen?
The Roaring Fork River runs along the highway from Aspen to Glenwood Springs, and there are great sections for rafting. The Colorado River is in nearby Glenwood and the Arkansas River on the opposite side of the Continental Divide offers a completely different whitewater experience.
What time of year can I go whitewater rafting in Aspen?
Whitewater rafting is perfect in Aspen during the warmest months of the year - June, July and August. You can find great sections earlier in the year, in April and May. And there’s even good sections during the latter part of the summer in September and October.
Is whitewater rafting near Aspen fun for families?
If you’re taking the family to Aspen, you don’t want to miss a trip down the Roaring Fork River. The beautiful river flows through Aspen and has easy sections that are perfect for a family float. There are also sections that can be more challenging for families looking for a little excitement along the way.
Are there rafting trips for young children in Aspen?
Children under the age of 12 can participate in some of the more mild floats offered by rafting companies in and around Aspen. Most rafts hold 8-10 people and a rafting guide, and everyone is expected to paddle. There can be a few exceptions for seniors and young children, but the more paddlers, the better! It’s always best to check with your rafting company about age requirements when you’re planning your trip.
Do I need reservations to go whitewater rafting in Aspen?
It’s best to make reservations for a rafting trip so you can get the route you desire at the time you’re looking to go. If you’re planning a family or group trip, you should definitely consider making a reservation ahead of time. You don’t want to wait on the beach. If you’re a solo adventurer or going in a smaller group isn’t as important because you can likely fill in some empty seats on a raft. Each raft holds about 8-10 people, so sometimes single riders or doubles can fit empty slots perfectly.
Are there full-day rafting trips near Aspen?
From Aspen, there are a few excellent full-day whitewater adventures on the Roaring Fork River and the Colorado River. Some of the more popular sections include the Shoshone section of the Colorado River, the Lower Roaring Fork River and the Browns Canyon section of the Arkansas River.
Are there half-day rafting trips near Aspen?
There are some great half-day trips on the Roaring Fork River just outside of Aspen that can’t be beat for a quick ride. From Aspen, it’s only a short drive to some easy floats and more diverse sections that can get intense from time to time. Plan a half-day trip for the morning or afternoon and have the rest of the day to experience something completely different.
Are there group specials for whitewater rafting in Aspen?
Whitewater rafting is an ideal group activity that promotes teamwork and camaraderie. Rafts can accommodate 8-10 people each plus a rafting guide, so you all have to work as a team to paddle and navigate the waters. Many outfitters have awesome group rates for half-day and full-day trips on the Roaring Fork River, Colorado River and Arkansas River.
Are there hotels near whitewater rafting in Aspen?
Aspen is best-known for its luxury lodging, but there are a few more affordable hotels and resorts in town. Down valley, there are some hotels and vacation rentals that you can find at a lesser rate. Secure a lodging deal for whitewater rafting in Aspen at mountainresortcoupons.com. Locate promo codes you can use to book direct with Aspen’s top hotels and resorts.
What should I wear for whitewater rafting in Aspen?
Rule #1: Nothing cotton. Go with swim suits or quick-dry clothing. No flip flops and don’t go barefoot. Opt for an old pair of tennis shoes that can protect your feet but it doesn’t matter if they get muddy or ruined. Always pack sunglasses, sunscreen and a hat. Cameras are fine before and after you get on the water. Don’t forget to pack a dry set of clothes for the ride back.
Where can I find a deal on whitewater rafting in Aspen?
Mountainresortcoupons.com carries current promo codes, discounts, coupons and other savings for whitewater rafting and other services around Aspen. Find a deal for a half-day or full-day trip, and locate savings on other aspects of your trip like transportation, lodging, dining and additional activities in Aspen. Browse and book directly online with no strings attached and no further commitments.
How can I save money on whitewater rafting in Aspen?
Find a deal. There are several companies that run on the rivers around Aspen, and many offer specials to stand out above the competition. For you, this means you can find big savings on half-day and full-day trips on the Roaring Fork River, Arkansas River and Colorado River. The best spot to browse all current deals is mountainresortcoupons.com.
Where can I find promo codes for whitewater rafting in Aspen?
We all love a good promo code - especially when it works! Nothing can be more frustrating than sifting through expired promo codes,trying to find something that will save you money. At mountainresortcoupons.com, there’s only current promo codes, no garbage. Save time and moolah real quick with no strings attached. Browse and book online.
Are there specials for whitewater rafting in Aspen?
Aspen has great sections for whitewater rafting on the Roaring Fork River, Colorado River and Arkansas River. At mountainresortcoupons.com, the area’s top whitewater rafters post deals, specials, coupons, promo codes, vouchers and other deals that can save you money. Find a special and save 10%, 15%, 20% or more right off the top! Browse and book direct with Aspen’s finest outfitters, hotels and restaurants. Stack deals and save on all parts of your vacation.