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Colorado Summer Vacation Deals

While many associate Colorado with colder weather fun, there are many different things that you can see and do in the warmer months of spring, summer, and fall. In fact, the summer and fall months are some of the most beautiful in this state, especially in the Rocky Mountains.

What Makes Colorado Unique

Seeing the Rocky Mountains in full bloom with wildflowers and a thick carpet of green grass is truly an experience. Then, when you least expect it, autumn arrives and the Aspen trees shimmer and shine in the Colorado sunlight and simply take your breath away. The state is home to many lakes and rivers, and you'll find the marinas and resorts on the lakes have much to offer. Visitors enjoy white-water rafting trips on the Arkansas River or kayaking and canoeing along the Snake River. The state boasts several blue-ribbon fishing waters as well. Try trout fishing by casting a fly on a guided float trip down the Colorado River or fish for several species of trout including Rainbow, Cutthroat, Brook, or Brown Trout on cold water mountain lakes and streams.

Major Mountain Destinations

You’ll be busy during your summer trip to Colorado, thanks to the numerous activities that are available. Many people prefer to start with a hike through Rocky Mountain National Park, where you can get up close and personal with nature and see many types of wildlife in their natural surroundings. There is a lifetime of recreational land to see. Within Colorado's boarders are four national parks: Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park near Montrose, The Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve near Mosca, Mesa Verde National Park, UNESCO World Heritage Site near Cortez, and Rocky Mountain National Park near Estes Park and Grand Lake. Besides these parks, there are national monuments like the Colorado National Monument, national historic sites, national scenic trails and drives like the Mt. Evans Scenic Byway, state and national recreation areas along with state forests, preserves, state parks, wildlife refuges. There are thousands of spots to camp, hike, mountain bike, fish, white-water raft, rock climb, and enjoy the great Rocky Mountain outdoors. Travel through the state is much easier during this time and you’ll be able to appreciate all that Colorado has to offer.

For the best combination of great accommodations and outdoor activities, take a horseback ride through the mountains or experience a real cattle drive. There are also historic mines and jeep tours. If you’d rather relax and take it easy during your stay, you’ll find numerous world-class restaurants and art galleries.

Summer Vacation Discounts

Click on a resort areas provided and take advantage of the fantastic savings that range from discounts on lodging, restaurants, travel, transportation, activities, tours, golf, fishing, white-water rafting, mountain biking, backpack trips, and much more!

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Image courtesy of Steamboat Resort