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Summer Vacation Ideas

Enjoy exciting boating activities in beautiful North Lake Tahoe.  This is a beautiful boating paradise located at approximately 6,228 feet above sea level on the border of California and Nevada in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Northern Lake Tahoe is one of the cleanest, clearest and most beautiful lakes in all of the United States, offering outstanding opportunities for recreation for individuals and families alike. Not only are there excellent boating opportunities for people who already own their own boats, but there are also plenty of opportunities for people to rent boats or join cruises so that they can enjoy the beautiful lake even if they do not own their own equipment.

Boating and Water Sports

With an endless amount of possibilities here, from whitewater rafting, to kayaking, to jet skiing, this area has it all. Bring a boat or rent one, your entire family will soak in some Vitamin D while here all summer long.

Burton Creek State Park

Just northwest of the lake is Burton Creek State Park, an excellent choice for all outdoor day activities, including secluded hikes, long bike rides, and more. This is not for camping, just for your day adventures when you need a break from on-the-water fun.

Live Music

The area hosts loads of live music events all season long and you just need to look up who is appearing each year and plan your trip around the type of environment you want to partake in.