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Summer Vacation Ideas

Although this is a historic ski resort, there are still plenty of activities available during the summer months. A lot of visitors prefer to go in the off season so it’s a little quieter and there are many opportunities for the whole family to get away and enjoy all that this region has to offer.

Rock Climbing

Red Mountain is home to some of the best rock climbing opportunities in North America. If you love this sport, you’ll find plenty of places to indulge and test your skills. There are numerous official sites or you can strike out on your own.


The caves in Red Mountain have reached legendary status and you’ll get a rare glimpse at the lives of the miners that first called this region home. Whether you just enjoy spelunking, or if you are looking for a great diversion, we highly recommend caving in this area.

Horseback Riding

There are numerous outfitters in this region that offer guided trail rides through some of the most beautiful spots. It’s great to experience this country the same way the early settlers did and offers a relaxing afternoon of total enjoyment. The guides are well trained and this is truly one of the best ways to see the region.


Head out on your own on all the numerous mountain hiking trails. Just remember to bring a GPS since this is a wild area and it is all too easy to get lost if you’re striking out on your own.


Rafting is becoming increasingly popular in Red Mountain and there are many lakes and rivers. This is a very relaxing way to spend an afternoon or if you prefer, you can get a little wild with river rafting and catch some of the best rapids in North America.


Red Mountain has begun focusing on developing golf courses and there are already numerous places to test your skill. Golfing in the mountains is a true treat and if you enjoy this sport, we highly recommend stopping by at least one course during your vacation.

Boating / Fishing

The lakes and rivers here are unparalleled and offer sportsman and women a true getaway with some incredible fishing. You’ll be able to try your hand at numerous different kinds of fish including salmon and trout. There are also many places to rent boats.

Mountain Biking

It wouldn’t be a summer vacation to the mountains without at least one mountain biking trip. The trails are in perfect shape and you’ll be able to find both guided tours or self guided tours. This is a fun way to see the country and get some real exercise in.

Wildlife Viewing

This region is home to numerous different species of wildlife and these special tours help you get in very close. This is a lot of fun for kids who may never get to see these animals in person back home.