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British Columbia Summer Vacation Deals

British Columbia—the very name alone conjures up images of the Pacific Northwest's vast pine rainforests. Where everything is in rich greens—rocks are covered in lichen and moss, giant ferns reach to the sky, the earthy scent beneath the pine needles' own aroma, and a surreal, otherworldly feel to it all. And the mountains of the region are not one bit less distinguished or rare a treat.

What Makes B.C. Unique

From Whistler, with its world-famous Cordillera Peaks, which connect the Yukon Territory with the United States, to the Canadian Rockies' four national parks, B.C. is decidedly a mountain resort vacation destination. Indeed, Yoho National Park is one of seven National Parks in British Columbia, and the vistas there are truly legendary.

Mountain Resort Destinations

You're going to love it here, there's just so much to do! Fly fishing, float fishing, boating, sailing, canoeing, kayaking, whitewater river rafting, hiking, camping, mountaineering, rock climbing, sight seeing, helicopter rides back into the wilderness—there's really no better place in North America to visit than British Columbia. The B.C. islands hold a rare treat, with a primordial forest that is home to species found nowhere else in the world. The pines give way to lofty peaks second to none, and all along, there's a rich history of pioneers and their spirit as they struggled to make this breathtaking land their home.

Native tribes' cultures are revered and protected in the Pacific Northwest as well. You'll see evidence of them, as well as many other pieces of the culture of this region, when you visit. World-class golf resorts await you as well. There are rugged cabins and luxury spas, world-class hotels and resorts to bed and breakfast inns, and it really does go without saying that B.C. is a nature lover's delight. If your motto is to take photos and leave footprints, you'll be mesmerized the entire time.

Traveling the Trans-Canada Highway can give you a rare and broad perspective of the province, but flying in to Vancouver will also serve you well. The city is an urban miracle and well worth a day or two of vacation time. From the city of Vancouver British Columbia, you'll find many options to take you north east and up into the mountains. Seeing the transition is worth the trip all by itself. The Pacific Northwest's rain forests are unique, but few places on earth can boast so vivid and dramatic, so pristine and awe-inspiring a voyage of vistas as one sees traveling from Vancouver Island and Red Mountain on through to Whistler or the other notable mountain peaks and resorts. The old wonders of B.C. will thrill you, while the ones you discover will inspire and awe. Come get your glimpse of heaven real soon.

Vacation Deals

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