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Arizona Whitewater Rafting Deals

There's more to Arizona than just the Grand Canyon. Throughout the state you can find phenomenal whitewater rafting opportunities that will fill your thrill-seeking heart to the brim. From easy going waters, to breakneck speed rapids, this beloved summer activity has a bit of everything to keep your group on their toes. Whitewater rafting provides participants with a new perspective into the wilder landscape in North America. It's not as easy to see some of the sights when you're on the road in a car, so taking an exciting trip down the river will expose you to a whole new side of nature. Experience Class II-Class V throughout Arizona that will leave you in awe and make lasting memories with your family along the way. Every trip ensures that you'll have a dedicated and knowledgeable staff member with you who has a passion for the outdoors and for navigating in the water. Your guides have years of experience and will ensure that you have a safe trip every time to enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

Pick from half day trips, to incredible weeklong excursions where you'll stay on the river, camp, hike and test out your wilderness skills. Find the best deals today right here and begin planning your perfect getaway soon. These discounts will maximize your money, while also putting more back into your pocket. Get ready for a summer full of exciting white water rafting and see Arizona is a new light!
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Where is there whitewater rafting in Arizona?
Yes! Arizona, home to the iconic Grand Canyon, has some of the most awe-inspiring whitewater rafting in the United States. But there’s more than just rafting down the Grand Canyon - the state offers fun floats and challenging rapids close to Phoenix and Flagstaff, too. Exciting Class II through Class V journeys range from easy floaters to thrilling nail-biters for seasoned paddlers. Before you go, snag a coupon from mountainresortcoupons.com and save!
Where is the best place to whitewater raft in Arizona?
The majestic Grand Canyon offers whitewater trips down the iconic Colorado River that simply can’t be beat for its immense beauty and entertaining waters. Outfitters operating on the Colorado River offer easy float trips and more involved excursions for intermediate and advanced paddlers. Choose from a wide array of half-day and full-day outings. Salt River to the northeast of Phoenix is a prime location for whitewater rafting close to Arizona’s largest city.
When does the Arizona whitewater rafting season begin?
The whitewater rafting season in Arizona usually occurs a little earlier than most places, beginning in March and extending through May. While states like Colorado and New Mexico operate later into the summer, Arizona whitewater is best before the temperatures meet or exceed the 100-degree mark in late May. Remember, Arizona has an exceptionally arid climate that gets more mild as you head into the mountains.
What is the best time of year to go whitewater rafting in Arizona?
The whitewater season kicks off in March every year. The best time to hit the rivers for whitewater rafting in Arizona is from March through May, when the water is cool, temperatures are warm and the rivers are full. Later in the summer, plan on getting your rafting in early in the day before temperatures reach 100-plus degrees. It can get sultry on the river when the sun reflects off the canyon walls during the hottest time of the year.
Can you whitewater raft in Arizona in October?
If you want to get in your rafting this year, plan to head to the rivers before October. The best time of year for whitewater rafting in Arizona is March through May, but the season does extend until late September or early October. Many adventurers choose to hit the rivers earlier in the year, before temperatures consistently reach 100-plus degrees in June, July and August. In September and October, there may be some opportunity to raft as well, but it’s always best to check with your outfitter before you head out.
What is the closest whitewater rafting to Phoenix in Arizona?
The Salt River near Phoenix is often called “The Other Grand Canyon” for its 2,000-foot canyon walls and fun, Class III and Class IV whitewater rafting. The river offers more rapids per mile than any other river in the state. Wet and fun rapids range from wild to mild, and it’s a perfect outing for a family visiting the Valley of the Sun for Major League Baseball’s Cactus League Spring Training every March.
Is there whitewater rafting close to Flagstaff?
From Flagstaff, it’s only about two hours’ drive for exciting whitewater rafting in the Colorado River at the Grand Canyon. The iconic National Park has fun floaters for all ages and some more difficult runs for adrenaline junkies. A scenic trip down the Colorado River is exciting, memorable and visually stunning. Save on whitewater rafting with a deal or discount from mountainresortcoupons.com.
What are the best rivers for whitewater rafting in Arizona?
The most popular whitewater rafting in Arizona is on the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon. There are a few outfitters that operate on different sections of the river, so you can choose from trips that are on calm water to more grueling treks that require teamwork and complete focus! Rafts typically seat 8-10 paddlers with a tour guide, so it’s a great way to spend time with the family or meet new people.
Is whitewater rafting in Arizona fun for families?
Oh yeah! When they make a list of family fun in Arizona, whitewater rafting always tops the list. You can plan a quick, half-day trip for the morning or afternoon, or schedule a full-day excursion and really do some exploring. Whitewater rafting is entertaining and is great exercise. It’s also something that just about everyone in the family can participate in, regardless of age or physical ability.
How old do you need to be to go whitewater rafting in Arizona?
Whitewater rafting is always a hit with kids, but be sure to check with your outfitter about minimum age requirements before you head out. Most websites will list the minimum age, or provide a phone number or email address so you can reach out and ask. A simple phone call or email can make sure nobody gets left out!
What kind of shoes to wear whitewater rafting in Arizona?
Never go barefoot. Stay away from flip-flops and Crocs because they can fly off in the water and provide little protection. Your best bet is to bring along an old pair of tennis shoes that cover your feet. Choose a pair that can get wet, dirty or even ruined. Protect your feet on the shore, in the boat, and in the water.
How to book a Arizona whitewater rafting trip?
Finding a deal on Arizona whitewater rafting is simple at mountainresortcoupons.com. The discount deals website is the best place to find a bargain on rafting in the Grand Canyon or Salt River. Save on whitewater rafting, hotels, meals, transportation and more with a promo code or coupon. Book directly online with Arizona’s top outfitters and get ready for the ride of your life.
Where can I find deals on whitewater rafting in Arizona?
Save a little moolah on your next whitewater vacay by visiting mountainresortcoupons.com for deals, discounts and promo codes that you can use at Arizona’s top whitewater destinations like the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon or Salt River near Phoenix.