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Summer Vacation Ideas


Perhaps the best places to go after an afternoon touring the vineyards is one of Sedona’s famous “vortexes.” In 1980, author Page Bryant created the term to describe highly concentrated energy areas great for prayer, meditation, and healing. Native Americans have been coming to the area for centuries for sacred rituals as Sedona has long been thought of as an overwhelmingly spiritual place. Some vortexes in the area include the Airport Mesa near Uptown, Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock, and Boynton Canyon, which connects all four. Although it is a new concept, everyone can sit peacefully and enjoy the magnificent views at each location.


For more traditional relaxation techniques, head to Arizona's famous spas. Get one of the best massages at the Stillpoint spa, or go big at the Mi Amo destination spa at Enchantment. Mi Amo has wonderful all inclusive packages that will be soothing to both the soul and the wallet.

Scenic Drives

Be sure to make the quick drive to some of Arizona’s other places of interest. Take the scenic 90-minute drive through Cottonwood to Prescott to see a traditional Wild West rodeo at the local fairgrounds or enjoy something a little more “civilized” at the Elks Opera House. Another rewarding drive through red rock country is north to Flagstaff, a short 45-minute drive away. Enjoy over 200 restaurants or a “Movie in the Square” in the downtown.

Grand Canyon

A vacation to Arizona is not complete without a day spent at the Grand Canyon. The south rim is about two hours from Sedona and is best spent on a variety of mediums. Take a jeep, train, or ATV or your own two feet to take in the wonder of the towering canyon walls.