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Whitewater Rafting near San Carlos, Arizona

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Salt River Rafting takes whitewater rafting to a new level. They not only provide fantastic customer service, but strive to make your adventure safe while having a lot of fun! The Salt River Canyon near Phoenix, Arizona is a stunning visual display of nature.

Nestled deep within the Tonto National Forest, you'll come up close and personal with wildlife and flora that you don't get to see from the road (or even from a hike). Guests can expect a good mixture of mild to fast-paced rapids, but it all depends on what sort of trip you want. Need a little camping action thrown into the mix?

Then this outfitter has a multi-day excursion just for you! Are you only able to sneak in a half-day trek before hitting the road again or heading back to the city? Then Salt River Rafting has got you covered. There's a little something for everyone no matter what your age or abilities are as a rafter. Let Salt River Rafting whisk you away on a journey that will delight your group, and elevate your love of the outdoors. Use this discount to also save big when you book your trip online.
Salt River Rafting



2827 E. Blanche
Phoenix, AZ 85032

Expires: 09/05/2020

• Shuttles available for private trips
• Meals provided on all trips, minus half-day adventures
• Expert guides trained and certified in CPR/First Aid, in addition to wilderness gurus
• Photos available for purchase after trip
• Locally owned and operated
See website for full details.

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