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Summer Vacation Ideas

These days, San Carlos offers a wide array of outdoor activities for the ambitious vacationer.

San Carlos Lake

With over 158 miles of shoreline, its various tributaries provide some of the best fishing in Arizona. Anglers need look no further for a unique fishing opportunity as San Carlos Lake is home to the Apache Trout, a species found nowhere else on the planet. With a lake as vast as this, one could easily spend a week fishing and never hit the same spot twice, and that’s just from the water’s edge.

Whitewater Rafting

Visitors looking for a more explosive adventure like whitewater rafting can spend their time navigating both blue and white water stretches of the Salt River. Local companies on the San Carlos and Fort Apache sides are always happy to provide assistance to vacationers in search of water sports. Guided tours through the canyon are available and come highly recommended as the churning waters often prove to be too much for the inexperienced.


For those travelers seeking their fortunes, the San Carlos area is the home of the Apache Gold Casino, as well as Hon-Dah Resort Casino. These full-service resorts offer guests a chance at glory on the tables. Games include blackjack, keno, video poker, slot machines, and more. Be sure to enjoy any of the exclusive restaurants at either casino whether you’re looking to blow your bankroll on a great meal or lick your wounds while having a few drinks.


The Apache Gold Casino is also home to the Apache Stronghold Golf Course where you can chase the white ball before you tango with lady luck.