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San Carlos

Located in central Arizona, the town of San Carlos sits on the border of the San Carlos Indian Reservation and the Fort Apache Indian Reservation. While this tiny town may be off the beaten path, any person enthusiastic about the great outdoors will marvel at the bevy of options to enjoy the Arizona sunshine. Be it rafting, fishing, hiking, hunting or exploring Arizona’s Salt River Canyon (Arizona’s other canyon as locals refer to it), any time is right to explore the beautiful countryside in and around San Carlos.

Native American Heritage

Once home to the legendary Geronimo, San Carlos is rich in American Indian history. Created by President Grant in 1871, The San Carlos Indian Reservation originally was home to various bands of Apache, Mohave, and Yuma Indians. As the years passed, a separate reservation, the Fort Apache Indian Reservation, was created for the Mohave and Yuma tribes, which left the San Carlos Reservation for the Apaches. With so many interests at stake and a diverse American Indian population, the area plays host to the San Carlos Apache Cultural Center where visitors are treated to a one of a kind glimpse into the past of America’s native peoples.

Things to Do

These days, San Carlos offers a wide array of outdoor activities for the ambitious vacationer. Go trout fishing at the San Carlos Lake, which boasts over 158 miles of shoreline. Visitors looking for a more explosive adventure like whitewater rafting can spend their time navigating both blue and white water stretches of the Salt River. Or try your luck at the Apache Gold Casino and the Hon-Dah Resort Casino. The area is a great place for hiking and hunting, and guides will provide you with the help you need to naviagate the area. Discover more things to do with our fun summer vacation ideas.

Getting Here

Getting to San Carlos or Fort Apache is as easy as getting to Phoenix, which lies just to the southwest of the twin reservations. Rent a car in the city and enjoy the beautiful desert scenery as you make your way to San Carlos.

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Look no further for exclusive deals on lodging, food, and other area activities. Planning a trip that includes rafting, fishing, gambling, and golfing is easier than you would think and can be yours for a price that’s sure to please. Roll the dice on either beautiful San Carlos or Fort Apache and it’s guaranteed you won’t come up snake eyes.