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Phoenix - Scottsdale

Phoenix is a popular place for vacations all year long, but especially in the summer because of all the mountains, the desert and the many trails, water parks, and other attractions that are available for vacationers to enjoy. There are so many parks and recreation areas where camping, hiking, and all sorts of outdoor adventures like biking, swimming, and more are available. It's the ideal place for people who love to vacation and get back to nature. With an ancient history, the area has many fun historic facts and interested things to do—and one of our favorite places to visit.

Staying Cool in the Summer

The summertime heat can be oppressive in Phoenix, so visitors should be prepared to find ways to keep cool in the summer. While outdoor lovers can enjoy the hot temperatures, care should be taken as the temperatures can shoot above 100 degrees very quickly. So water parks are popular destinations, as are amusement parks that have water rides. Look for places like Golfland Sunsplash, the Oasis Water Park, Wet 'n' Wild, Big Surf, and Castles N' Coasters. Enchanted Island is a small amusement park designed for smaller kids 10 and under to enjoy.

The parks in Phoenix are a good enough reason to visit, and the natural land and rock formations make it a popular sightseeing spot. South Mountain Park is the world's largest municipal park, measure over 16,500 acres. These parks help preserve the natural, desert landscape of the Phoenix area while providing great recreation areas and attractions. Sunnyslope Mountain and Camelback Mountain provide challenging trails to hike, while Papago Park offers unique and beautiful Hole-in-the-Rock, a natural formation. Encanto Park is an urban park and attractions like the Phoenix Zoo and the Botanical Garden give people a chance to enjoy some less strenuous sightseeing.

There's an Arboretum, an Art Walk, art museums and other types of museums in the area, as well as golf courses and things like guided tours of the desert in four-wheel-drive all-terrain vehicles.

If you want to drive just two to three hours out of Phoenix, the area boasts two National Monuments worth seeing, Montezuma Castle and Tuzigoot. The castle is a five-story dwelling dating back to the 12th century, built by Sinagua farmers. The ruins stand as a monument to their building skills. Tuzigoot is Apache for "crooked water" and is what remains of a village built around the same time. This is a rich historical area not far from Phoenix with a museum, and hiking trails so that you can see all of the remains of the dwellings. Learn additional fun summer outing ideas for your next mountain vacation.

Getting Here

Fly into the international airport and enjoy the view as you land. You'll fly over the red mountains and love visiting the area.

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