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Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is grand in ways almost unimaginable. With sheer size, overwhelming scenic beauty, and thought provoking qualities, the canyon and its surrounding area is a travel vacation destination that should be experienced by everyone at least once in a lifetime.

The Sheer Size

The geology of the Grand Canyon is fascinating. The length of the canyon measured from the southern end of Lake Powell to Lake Mead is 277 Miles (443 km) long. And the width of the canyon averages 10 miles (16 km) wide with its widest point being 18 miles (29 km). In some places the depth of the canyon reaches 5,700 feet (1,737 meters). The highest point of elevation on the north rim is 8,800 feet (2,682 meters) and the highest point on the south rim is 7,400 feet (2,255 meters). Over a million acres of land make up Grand Canyon National Park. Temperatures can range from hot to freezing on both the north and south rims depending on the time of year. Summer temperatures are in the 70’s and 80’s but can reach to over 110 degrees Fahrenheit at the canyon floor. The Rocks that comprise the canyon walls have been cut down by the Colorado River and have continuously been exposed to forces of erosion for millions of years.

Things to Do

The Grand Canyon is a great vacation travel destination with many activities and outdoor adventures to pick from. Just some of these activities and tour options include horseback riding and mule tours that will take you to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and back, river rafting and white water raft tours through the canyon on the Colorado river, plane, scenic flights by air, and helicopter sightseeing tours, bus, van and jeep tours, hiking, walking, boating, fly fishing, mountain biking, playing golf, as well as all other area attractions like swimming, relaxing, family fun adventures, and much more!

Of course sightseeing and photography are main tourist attractions of the park. Watch magnificent sun rises and sun sets, stroll along the rim and take in all the beauty this incredible vacation area has to offer. Look for birds of prey soaring through the canyon try and catch a glimpse of a Grand Canyon Big Horn Sheep, take advantage of a free park ranger guided majestic interpretive nature walk and learn all about the area and its rich history.


Lodging options in Grand Canyon National Park are available at both the north and the south rims with the south rim being the most popular (open all year long 7 days a week). On both side of the canyon there are communities that offer vacationers lodging deals and discounts including hotels, lodges, resorts, campgrounds, RV parks, cabins, ranches, as well as charming inns and bed and breakfasts. These communities that offer lodging tend to be a lengthy drive from the park so make sure to secure your lodging ahead of time. Further, in-park lodging is very limited and should wisely be booked well in advanced by calling the National Park Service. There are over 2,000 hotel rooms at Grand Canyon Village on the south rim, as well as several camp grounds, but this is not very much when you factor in the five million people that visit the park each year.

Williams is just a short 58 mile scenic drive from the south rim. Williams has many hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, inns and several activity and transportation-based businesses and companies that offer tours to the Grand Canyon. The town of Williams is also home to the Grand Canyon Railway and Resort that offers a scenic historic train ride journey to the canyon.

On the north rim of the canyon (typically open from mid May to mid October) there is the Kaibab Lodge and the Jacob Lake lodge as well as lodging choices in Fredonia, Arizona and Kanab, Utah. Please note that there is no in park lodging on the north rim.

Summer Vacation Savings

When taking a vacation to the magnificent Grand Canyon National Park be sure to take advantage of all the free great travel discounts, deals and savings. Start planning and saving now on your spring, summer, or fall vacation to the park.