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Summer Vacation Ideas

Banff is an area of spectacular beauty that offers plenty of activities all year. Although many people associate the area with winter sports, there are numerous things that you can see and do during the summer months. In fact, many travelers prefer to come here in the summer so that they can enjoy the sights while it is still relatively warm.

Banff Gondola

This opens in early spring and stays open through fall. You’ll enjoy the incredible 360 degree view as you travel through the mountainous region. We definitely recommend that all travelers try this at least once. The Gondola is located about five minutes outside of town and it is well worth the trip.

Cave Tours

The nearby Grotto Mountain is the site of some of the best caves that can be found throughout Canada. Professional spelunkers and everyday folk are amazed by the incredible beauty of the caves. This is another must-see stop that should be added to every visitor’s itinerary.


Want to get to the top of that mountain to explore but walking up looks a little daunting? The special Heli-Hiking packages are the perfect combination. You can get to the highest peaks with ease and then spend an afternoon exploring on foot.

Fly Fishing

If you love to fly fish, this is an area that will be hard to leave. Some of the best fishing in the Rockies can be found right here and the trout are legendary. This is a great way to spend a long afternoon, enjoying the perfect climate.

Zip Line Tour

Want to see a lot but short on time? The Zip Line tour takes you down the mountain, allowing you to get in just about all the sights in a lot less time. If you’re only spending a few days here, this is a great way to squeeze in more sites.

Wildlife Tour

If you enjoy Mother Nature and spotting wildlife, these tours are the perfect fit. Think of it as a Canadian safari as you spot all the hundreds of different species that call this area home. Just remember—don’t feed the wild animals or approach them, they can be dangerous.